A Scottish government review finds no data breach in Salmond case

No data breach took place in relation to the allegations of harassment issued against Alex Salmond, the Scottish government has said.

Mr. Salmond was victorious in a legal battle against the government on Tuesday after the Scottish government admitted acting unlawfully during a probe into the claims, and said that it had broken its own rules through the appointment of an officer who had had “prior involvement” in the case.

Scotland’s former first minister has been determined to find out how claims made against him had been put into the public domain. Mr. Salmond has always vehemently denied the allegations.

The Scottish government maintains that a full review of all proceedings relating to the case was carried out in August, and that it was “satisfied” that all the relevant data was processed in the correct way, the BBC news website reports.

The emergence of the allegations against Mr. Salmond prompted him to write a letter to the Scottish government’s permanent secretary, Leslie Evans in August of last year, in which the former SNP leader demanded an investigation into a potential data breach in what should have been a private process.

The government maintains that no data leak took place, and that confidentiality was respected fully at all stages all the process which took eight months.

A government spokesperson said:

“The Scottish government has never commented on the content of the allegations against Mr Salmond and we will not do so.

“As a precaution and in line with our legal obligations, we instructed a detailed review into our handling of Mr Salmond’s data in August, 2018.

“We are satisfied that information relating to this case has been processed in accordance with our legal and information handling obligations, and that there is no evidence of any data breach.”

At the time that his letter was sent, Mr. Salmond said:

“Confidentiality is at the heart of a just procedure and is necessary for both complainers and those complained about.

“If it is breached, then who is going to complain in future with confidence and how can the person complained about secure any fairness?

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