Google shifts control of European data from U.S. to Ireland to aid GDPR compliance


Google yesterday announced the changes to its terms of service and privacy policy and has designated Ireland as the location of its data services in Europe.

The changes will take effect on January 22nd 2019 and will not impact on any features or operation of its services in Europe. Instead, the company’s subsidiary in Dublin — Google Ireland Limited – will become the official “service provider” for users living in the European Economic Area and Switzerland.

Google’s Privacy Policy will have a number of updates. The most significant will be that “Google Ireland Limited will become the “data controller” legally responsible for EEA and Swiss users’ information.”

Google Ireland Limited will become responsible for user data requests and will be in line with Irish law as well as compliance with the privacy laws including GDPR.

Anne Rooney, public policy manager for Google Ireland wrote:

“We’re making the data controller change to facilitate engagement with EU data protection authorities via the GDPR’s “One Stop Shop” mechanism, which was created to ensure consistency of regulatory decisions for companies and EU citizens.”

Ms Rooney added that the changes will not alter the products in any way or how data is collected or processed.

“Nothing changes about your current settings, and you will continue to have granular control over the data you share with us when you use our services. And of course, we remain fully committed to compliance with the GDPR across all of the services we provide in the European Union.”

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