Code is the future of data protection, says PwC’s Stewart Room at Data Protection World Forum

The first morning session at the Keynote Conference Theatre at Data Protection World Forum studied the GDPR landscape around us.

Stewart Room put a future perspective on the issue, presenting the case for data security as a journey to a coded domain, while exposing the outdated methods organisations are currently employing as they battle to implement cutting edge data protection in legacy environments.

“What we’ve been doing with the data in the economy is catching up with the things we ought to have been doing in the mid-1990s,” the data protection leader said, before pointing out how technology has to be secured at the core before true progress can be made.

“Code creates the electronic data, manages and runs the machines that uphold it, and that is the epicentre of data protection concerns right now. We are inevitably on a journey to code.

“We have to reach a place where data protection outcomes are coded into the data and tech itself. If we do not get to the data and code layers, we will not address the bulk of data processing.”

Room argued that data protection outcomes must be delivered at the point at which data resides through cutting edge technologies, at the risk of losing “our ability to go forward and make good outcomes, be they financial, economic or societal.

The opportunity for organisations will be to focus on delivery of code at the heart of data protection, otherwise “they do not deserve to be the custodians of personal data.”

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