OneTrust announces new collaboration features into assessment automation module for GDPR, CCPA and Global Privacy Compliance

OneTrust has released new collaboration features integrated into the industry-leading privacy management technology. The new features make collaboration, workflow, integrations and usability simpler and more intuitive within the OneTrust Assessment Automation module for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and other global privacy laws.

Companies are continuously assessing processes, technologies, vendors and other business practises for GDPR and global privacy compliance via privacy and data protection impact assessments (PIA/DPIAs). These assessments often require collaboration across multiple employees or groups of people to respond to and approve assessments. OneTrust has announced an update to its Assessment Automation module to enable more effective collaboration and streamline assessment automation for teams in organisations of all sizes. New features include:

  • Multi-approvers with configurable approver groups and tiers of approval
  • Multi-respondent feature to delegate answering of certain questions to other parties
  • Flag questions as “needs more information” to review, chat and collaborate in real-time between business and privacy teams
  • Inline comment threads to simplify collaboration across multiple reviewers
  • Integrated assessment, PIA and data mapping assessment workflows to pre-populate assessment answers
  • Automated assessment rules to automatically trigger sending additional assessments based on the first assessments answers and risk
  • Auto-populate new processing activities or records of processing activities (RoPA) in the data inventory from the assessment
  • Consolidated risk review process to centrally view and manage risks across all assessment types, applications, processing activities and more
  • Simplified data element discovery through a new personal data matrix in the assessment
  • Template builder improvements to easily drag / drop questions across sections, expanded view to build rules and more robust rule configurations
  • Reopen completed assessments without resending new assessment
  • Improved role access controls to allow users to access multiple organization groups within the OneTrust tool

The roll out of these features has already started, and many are available in the OneTrust platform today. Additional capabilities will be rolling out over the coming months, and customers will be notified via OneTrust release notes.

Blake Brannon, VP Product, OneTrust said: “Depending on the size, scope and complexity of an assessment, a business may need to bring together several groups of people for successful reviews and approvals.”

“We built these collaboration features into OneTrust to help solve this challenge. Now users across teams, regions and departments can work in tandem to complete assessments and maintain compliance with the GDPR and other privacy laws.”

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