ICO publishes new guide for students to demand more information about their exam results

The Information Commissioner’s Office has published a new guide for students on demanding more information about their exam results. 

The new rights from GDPR enables students to ask what information is being held on them including exam marks, examiner’s comments and the minutes of any examination appeals panel.

In addition, the regulator also stated that students can obtain more general official information about their schools through the Freedom of Information Act

Although rights are increased for students, the ICO states that schools have a “legitimate reason for publishing examination results, pupils or their parents or guardians do not need to give their consent to publication” when publishing individual’s exam results.

 The ICO added: “Publishing examination results is a common and accepted practice. Many students enjoy seeing their name in print, particularly in the local press and the GDPR does not stop this happening. However, under the GDPR schools have to act fairly when publishing results, and where people have concerns about their or their child’s information being published, schools must take those concerns seriously.

 “Schools should make sure that all pupils and their parents or guardians are aware as early as possible whether examinations results will be made public and how this will be done.”

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