Nearly all apps do not comply with GDPR, finds study

No less than 98% of leading apps do not comply with GDPR, finds a study from Crownpeak.

The study also found that 79% of the top 50 Android apps and top 50 Apple apps offer no consent solution at all.

Crownpeak, which describes itself as a digital governance management company, said that despite the findings of the survey, “every app that was scanned displayed multiple Software Development Kits (SDKs) that appeared to perform some kind of data collection.”

Gabe Morazan, Senior Product Manager at Crownpeak said: “The study shows that apps are a black spot for compliance. On 25th May, consent notices delivered a more informed user experience when browsing on desktop or mobile. But it appears that apps lag behind in compliance programs. This is particularly worrying, considering that, according to an eMarketer report, apps comprise over 90% of internet time on smartphones.

“Our study showed that users rarely have the ability to control exactly which aspects of their data is shared, signalling lack of genuine consent. On top of this, apps such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and even Android itself, have already come under fire for removing access to their products for users who do not consent to data sharing. Yet at the same time, audiences are already asking more questions about the level of data that apps request access to, such as those which unnecessarily ask for permission to view contact information. It suggests a growing gap between consumer expectations and publisher priorities.”

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