British and Irish consumers plan to exercise their privacy rights in their millions

Around a half of consumers in the UK and Ireland plan to exercise their rights to privacy afforded by GDPR and half that number have already done so, finds a survey.

The survey, conducted by analytics company, SAS, questioned almost 2,000 people. The findings were:

27% of survey participants have already exercised their GDPR rights over personal data
56% plan to do so within a year, up from 42% last year
46% of participants said they would activate their data rights after only one mistake
31% said that if an organisation has misused their data, they will withdraw their permission to use it entirely, regardless of any assurances, offers of improved services or financial incentive
47% of 18-to 24-year olds say they are less likely to erase their data with a company as long as they are assured it will not be shared without consent. This compared to just 31% of those aged 55 and older
A much higher proportion of young people are willing to exchange data permission for financial rewards.

Biggest victims of consumer wrath:

The percentage number of consumers likely to object to the use of data used for marketing purposes depending on the type of company is as follows:
Social media – 48%
Retail – 41%
Banks and insurers – 38%
Supermarkets – 37%
Energy companies – 33%

The most hated mistake, at 56%, is receiving unwanted emails from companies. And 54% strongly object to their data being shared by third parties.

SAS speculates that the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica saga has led to a hardening of opinions.

David Smith, head of GDPR technology at SAS UK & Ireland, said: “Businesses that fail to respect their customers or their data, risk losing that data and their competitive advantage, hurting the bottom line. Transparent data management and analytics are crucial, not only to achieve compliance but to provide personalised customer experiences that make consumers more willing to share their data.”

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