Jourová puts Trump administration on notice with letter to America

Věra Jourová, The EU Commissioner for Justice, has written to the US Commerce Secretary, warning that the US has three months to comply with EU’s demands concerning the sharing of private data ascertaining to EU citizens.

In the letter, Ms Jourová demanded progress from the US in appointing an ombudsman to deal with privacy related complaints from EU citizens before the US Commerce Secretary visits Brussels in October.

The US Privacy Shield was put in place under the Obama administration as a way to enable US firms, which are subject to the US Patriots Act, to process data related to EU citizens in a way that did not contravene EU data protection law.

Earlier this summer, the US Commerce Secretary, Wilbur Ross said that GDPR could “significantly interrupt transatlantic co-operation.” A few weeks after that, EU MEPs voted 303 to 223 in favour of a motion calling for the US to comply with GDPR, by September 1st, or suspend the Privacy Shield.

Věra Jourová, who will be speaking at the Data Protection World Forum in November, had previously said that “the Privacy Shield is intended to protect privacy, security and also to uphold the interests of the businesses – not just American businesses, but also EU businesses.” She added that: “We need to check that ‘America First’ does not mean ‘America Only.’”

According to the FT, the letter from Ms Jourová stated: “Now that the new state secretary is in office and we are almost two years into the term of this administration, the European stakeholders find little reason for the delay in the nomination of a political appointee for this position.”

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