Why you should attend a GDPR conference

2018 will see the biggest change in data protection and privacy for two decades and will have a global impact on companies of all sizes; public sector and Government organisations, charities, professional bodies and associations.

GDPR, the General Data Protection Regulation is setting the tone for data protection and although the enforcement date is May 25th 2018 the regulators accept that many organisations will struggle to fully compliant by then.

If you’re not 100% compliant it’s important that you can demonstrate to the ICO that reasonable steps are being taken.

GDPR is complex and everyone’s requirements will be different but it’s imperative that everyone is aware of their responsibilities.

Thousands of delegates have attended our GDPR seminars and conferences from organisations of all types and sizes and over 93% would recommend one of our events to a colleague.

“Thank you for the fantastic GDPR Sessions. The event was very informative and valuable, and I will be recommending it to the rest of our organisations” – Credit Operations Compliance Lead at Shell

The main reasons that people have told us they attend our events are;

  • To hear from leading experts
  • To get the opportunity to ask our experts questions on all aspects of GDPR
  • To ensure that even if they’re not in a compliance role that they have a good understanding of how the regulation will impact them
  • To learn and be able to take vital information back into the workplace
  • To drill down on specific issues that might impact their organisation

The ICO (the UK Regulator) has said; “I want to see your commitment to data protection.”

Organisations that have done nothing will have little in the way of a defence but those that can demonstrate a ‘commitment’ and show that reasonable steps are being taken to improve processes are likely be looked on more positively.

Unfortunately there is no ‘silver bullet’ for GDPR compliance but there are steps that can be taken to minimise risk and the first steps are awareness, education, and implementation of improved data protection processes and the impact of GDPR.

For more information on our events and training courses visit www.gdprsummit.london or email leon@dataprotection.media

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