UK marketing survey – personalising content the biggest challenge

A major survey covering the activities of 150 senior marketers – across UK medium to large organisations, reveals that the web is the most popular channel for engaging and retaining customers. The research, conducted by Better than Paper, also indicates that personalising content remains the biggest challenge and by doing this activity better – will play a role in achieving GDPR compliance. 

When questioned about engaging and retaining customers, the majority consider the web as the most favoured channel, followed by content and email marketing – with mobile marketing, SEM and social media – all being the least preferred routes. The survey also highlights that to further assist in customer engagement and retention – organic SEO is being preferred to paid SEM too.

Of those surveyed about approaches to deal with the forthcoming GDPR regulations, the majority believe that better content personalisation will help deliver quality and timely content.  It was also stated that better understanding audience preferences, will help ensure compliance, and improve engagement and retention too. 

When asked about the biggest pain points of engaging and retaining customers, content personalisation and understanding audience’s preferences are deemed as the greatest challenges – followed by improving the quality and volume of content. Managing content across multi audience channels and simplifying the content production process are also seen as challenging tasks. Activities viewed as less problematic include digitising print assets and reducing the cost of content production.

Ashwin Saddul, managing director at Better than Paper said, “Our research shows the importance that marketers place on understanding customers, so that higher value content can be tailored for their preferences – across multi-channels. The fact that this approach can help in achieving GDPR compliance is a bonus too. Our technology can quickly address all these pain points and enable marketers to build stronger, more engaged, customer relationships.”

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