GDPR Summit London: Engagement is everything

The final session of the GDPR Summit London saw Jim shields Twist and Shout explain the importance of engaging staff with GDPR: “Engagement is everything”. If you fail to engage staff, then you will be more vulnerable to having a data breach.

Christopher Strand from Carbon Black discussed the silver lining of GDPR. He also discussed the importance of protecting against ransomware by understanding where all our data is: “If we don’t know what our assets look like then there is no way we can enhance our security”. Organisations need to implement more controls to protect malicious activity.

Frederick Oberholzer from Wipro looked at how people can make changes to become compliant. He suggested a 4-step process: Assess, Build, Implement and finally the running of activities. “Organisations need to prioritise what their risk exposures are and what they need to be doing.”

The final session is from trust-hub who reflected on why delegates attended the event and why we have the GDPR. “The web has created the marketing in personal data which is subjugating the rights of the data subject.” He explained that privacy by design is essential to business and a good data map should help to understand the risk along the way.

The GDPR Summit London was a huge success with delegates getting an in-depth guide from speakers and panel discussions as well as

If you weren’t able to attend this summit, fear not. Due to such a high demand for GDPR knowledge, the GDPR Summit Series have two more events taking place in London. GDPR Conference Europe: Roadmap for Business will give an overview of the impact of GDPR and GDPR Conference Europe: Roadmap for Marketers will analyse how to alter businesses new marketing efforts.

GDPR Summit Series is a global series of GDPR events which will help businesses to prepare to meet the requirements of the GDPR ahead of May 2018 and beyond.

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