GDPR Summit London: Are your staff the biggest obstacle to compliance?

When GDPR comes into force in May 2018, businesses owners and managers will face a huge task to become compliant in time.

However, management cannot do this alone, they will need to rely on their employees, which some believe will be one of the toughest challenges in becoming compliant.

A recent survey 60% of senior executives surveyed by IT firm Bluesource listed staff as the biggest barrier to GDPR compliance, and other factors including IT systems and financial burdens were also major concerns.

The survey revealed 50% of companies have not yet taken steps to GDPR compliance, while 30% mistakenly still believe the regulation will not affect them.

Sean Hanford, information governance consultant at Bluesource, said the research across UK organisations indicated there’s still a gap between GDPR awareness and action.

“There must be a swift attitude change towards data protection and staff clearly require better skills so that they become more data savvy.”

Businesses need to rely on their employees as after all, they are carrying out the day to day processes. Depending on the business, they may be dealing customer data on a daily basis. It will be their responsibility to safeguard the data as much as everyone else.

The key is to create a culture for data protection. Raise awareness with all employees about the importance of data privacy and keep consistent and engaging communications about its importance.

Employee training is also essential for all organisations to actively show you are complying to GDPR and ensuring that all your staff understand the consequences if people are not paying attention to the data protection of their customers and peers.

The GDPR Summit London is the UK’s biggest event dedicated to GDPR compliance. Speakers from a host of global companies, such as Natwest, eBay and John Lewis will be on hand to guide you through the principles of GDPR that you must tackle on the road to compliance.

With such limited time remaining, you cannot afford to ignore the risks. Book your place at GDPR Summit London today and ensure your company’s safety. regulation will not affect them.

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