GDPR Conference Europe: Gilbert Hill: The role of the web in GDPR compliancy

Gilbert Hill, Privacy Technologist, External Consultant at OneTrust Technology will return to the second GDPR Conference Europe this year that gives businesses all the information they need to get ready for GDPR. Mr Hill will discuss the how to become GDPR complaint and focus on key areas that will require changes, cookies and the web.

GDPR is dense and complex, precisely because it’s the closest thing the world has right now to a framework for the ethical capture, management and use of personal data, much of it gathered via the web.

My Hill believes that where the cookies can be seen as a dress rehearsal for the task of getting serious about web governance, then GDPR is the sweeping, pan-European ‘real deal ‘.

With GDPR, the penalties for not getting with the program on the web are very high, both financially and in terms of brand.

“The cookie laws were the stimulus for me and many others to learn about the way cookies are used to profile and track users in the field of behavioural advertising. This started a wave of regulation and awareness which is growing and moving in only one direction – greater oversight of the web, digital marketing and e-commerce. If you’re a responsible, connected company or organisation, this is a good thing!”

The web is an area that legislation is focused on, like the ePrivacy Regulation which harmonises with GDPR: “we’re seeing lawmakers hone in on and fine-tune their compliance requirements for the web.

“If you have a website, and may already have done a cookie audit, display a cookie banner or offer a privacy notice, then this needs to be seen as only the first, not final step in an ongoing program of web compliance with the GDPR.”

“GDPR is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to align your business goals and process with the greatest shift in direction of travel since the birth of the web – doing the right thing.”

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