e-Learning Course: GDPR Staff Awareness


How can I ensure my staff comply with the GDPR?

The GDPR Staff Awareness e-Learning Course is an interactive online platform that will provide your employees with a fundamental understanding of the General Data Protection Regulation, and will make them aware of the ramifications of mis-using data.

This course allows you to build a data protection culture amongst your staff, and will help you turn your weakest link into your strongest asset – a workforce that is compliant, and able to identify, manage and prevent data protection risks from the outset.


How will your business mitigate the risks of the GDPR, whilst your staff remain the weakest link?

1. Your number one line of defence is staff training

Human error could cost you 4% of your global annual turnover – if your staff are not shown how to comply with the GDPR then your first line of defence is diminished.

2. Staff training allows you to record and show evidence of compliance

The GDPR requires your business to prove and demonstrate that you are compliant. If you cannot provide evidence, then you are failing to comply with the regulation.

3. Our e-Learning Course allows you to build compliance in to your business from the ground up

It doesn’t matter how experienced your DPO is, or how much you spend on technical vendor solutions – if you haven’t built compliance into your business from the ground up then your staff will fall foul of the regulation time and time again.

4. Staff training allows your staff to identify breaches and red flag situations

If your staff don’t recognise data protection problems, how can they report them?


What will you learn on the course?

Module 1: Overview

  • Introduction
  • What is Data Protection?
  • Who does GDPR apply to?
  • What does GDPR apply to?
  • Knowledge Check

Module 2: Principles

  • Introduction
  • Principles of the GDPR
  • Lawfulness
  • Accountability
  • Knowledge Check

Module 3: Rights

  • Introduction
  • Individual Rights
  • Knowledge Check

Module 4: Responsibilities

  • Introduction
  • GDPR Responsibilities
  • Breach Notification
  • Knowledge Check
  • Conclusion
  • Assessment

Enquire about the Course

To enquire about purchasing the GDPR Staff Awareness e-Learning Course, please contact us here. Please let us know how many users you would like to access the course.

Once you have purchased your courses, your staff will be enrolled and will receive an email with joining instructions.

The Academy

If you are managing hundreds of employees you have the option to have your own GDPR Staff Awareness Course Academy. With the academy you can monitor your employees progress, manage the registration process and understand their results all in one central location.


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